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Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer: 6th of May 2017

The Purple Hearts team has signed up again to do the Walk for Women’s Cancer. This year though we are walking the marathon distance of 42 kms in one day.

The marathon distance is a symbolism for all of us of the life marathon that many of our kin women endure when faced with a diagnosis of cancer. The walk will also allow us to celebrate the women who have survived cancer and to remember our mothers, sisters and friends who are no longer with us.

Join us – support us – be with us during this special journey.

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Degustation for a Cancer Cure: 20th of May 2017

Delights of degustation - $150

Jazz & Shiraz: 19th of August 2017

Let the wine & music flow - $150

The Great Gatsby: 14th of October 2017

Champagne, glitz & glamour - $150